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María Isabel Pedrera Pérez, better known as Maga Beth , was born in Barcelona on February 9, 1970.

With an inherited profession, her grandmother and great grandmother introduced her in the world of High Magic; she showed, at an early age, a preference towards esotericism.

María Isabel attended basic and high school education and completed higher education with a diploma in Infant Education and Childcare, specialising her studies with the following courses:

  • Educator for people with learning difficulties - Autism.
  • Special needs - Dyslexia.
  • Stimulation and development in education with disabilities.
  • Psychopathic disorders in childhood.
  • Speech Therapy.
  • The teacher in school failure.
  • Music therapy.
  • Movement and play in the teaching practice.

She combined both studies and also specialised in parapsychology, hypnosis, occultism and astrology; and completed a Master in Quality Control and Environment. As a good Aquarius, her restless soul led her to continue gaining experience but this time in the natural world, and earned a diploma in Naturopathy, Bach Flowers Remedies, Schüssler Salts, Dietetics and Nutrition, Lymphatic Drainage, Reflexology and Chiromassage.

María Isabel is the author of several books:

  • “The magic world of the pyramids - Practical and esoteric pyramidology”
  • “Runes, magic symbols”
  • Dictionary of santeria
  • “Exu and Pomba Gira: Beyond Good and Evil”
  • "The Great Secret of Holy Death"
  • "The world of Eshú and Pomba Gira"
  • "Ancient Egyptian Gods: Eternal Protectors"
  • "My Granny’s Potions"

Throughout these years, María Isabel has collaborated in several radio programmes and esoteric fairs, has given lectures and conferences, and many Tarot, Runes and High Magic courses; and also participated in the First Congress of Mediums held in Spain.

Currently, she continues working in different fields spreading her knowledge.