My Granny’s Potions


This book is made with love and gives a brief and simple description of what magic is for. It aims to break the topics so that magic can be within everybody’s reach.
I will briefly explain how the concept of magic has evolved over the centuries and over the years. How magic was done in ancient times and how we can make use of it today.
Magic isn’t difficult to do but if you don’t take precautions the rebound effect can be devastating, because it leads us to an obsession that is completely negative for us and prevents what we have asked for from happening.
In this book you’ll find a compilation of all the ancestral recipes that I received spoken at meals, snacks, in the kitchen or when women got together to talk about the problems in my family.
Many of them are recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation by our ancestors, so that today they are within our reach.
In a practical way, this is a guide of the most used magic ingredients in the world of home magic.
There are many types of magic: white magic, red magic and high magic. All of them are valid as a concept of magic and, depending on how people use it; it is called one way or another.
However, nobody speaks about home magic, which would be another type of magic; the one which is as powerful as the other types of magic or even more powerful.
What differentiates home magic from the other types of magic is that instead of being done by a magician, i.e., a specialist in the field, it can be done by anyone with a little preparation, patience, perseverance and insistence.
The only difference between us today and our grandparents is that they were more constant and had fewer distractions (television, WhatsApp, cinema, radio, concerts, etc.), and they were the most stubborn.


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