The Great Secret of Holy Death

What is the Holy Death?


Santa Muerte is the practice of a religion originating in Mexico, in which the dead are worshiped, but which has spread to other parts of the world. It is another way of understanding faith and religion, unknown to many and feared to others, in which many lies have been told about it. It is an ancient religion that has been transmitted from parents to children. This book aims to inform her, lose her fear, understand and know her, hence her great secret and ignorance. We only lose the fear of what we fear, when it ceases to be unknown. Maga Beth with her long experience in the esoteric world, the different religions and about it, carefully explains her cult so that the reader gets to know her, to demystify everything dark or negative that has been unfairly talked about her; since every day has more practitioners. This work is a guide that can be used by anyone who wishes to make a request, ritual, prayer or novena, about love, health, work, money, economy, family, protection, etc. As the reader can see, the recommended ingredients are simple and are available to anyone in any corner of the world; and in case of not finding them, the author provides a very simple and easy-to-use guide, on how to make them for yourself. In this book apart from its history and its cult, an extensive specific compilation of each subject is needed: love, money, work, health, family, protection, etc. Making available to the reader a lot of rituals, works, prayers, novenas etc. each. This is another book by Maga Beth, unpublished in her sector, which will undoubtedly leave no one indifferent.


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