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María Isabel Pedrera Pérez, better known as Maga Beth , was born in Barcelona on February 9, 1970.

With an inherited profession, her grandmother and great grandmother introduced her in the world of High Magic; she showed, at an early age, a preference towards esotericism.

Throughout these years, María Isabel has collaborated in several radio programmes and esoteric fairs, has given lectures and conferences, and many Tarot, Runes and High Magic courses; and also participated in the First Congress of Mediums held in Spain.

Currently, she continues working in different fields spreading her knowledge.


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The magic world of the pyramids
Practical and esoteric pyramidology

Working with the pyramids is to work at an energy level to channel that energy to your advantage. In this book Maga Beth will teach you to protect yourself, without outside help and to block other people or enemies so that they do not harm you or your negative energy or bad intentions.

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Runes, magic symbols
All Viking-Celtic magic at your fingertips

Maga Beth after long years of experience, explains in detail the use of runes, not only as a source of knowing the future, but as a meditation channel that connects with your inner energy. The symbolic force of the gods revealed to very few. Be one of the chosen ones.

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Santeria Dictionary
Mythology, history and traditions

Maga Beth in her contact with Santeria and after long years of experience, explains in detail the meaning of each word, each Saint or Orisha, each myth, each legend, used in Santería; to stop being unknown and ignored by some and less feared by others.

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Eshú and Pomba Gira
Beyond Good and Evil

For all lovers of Eshú and Pomba Gira and all the members of the Kimbanda this is an irreplaceable manual of knowledge and practice. A religion of an oppressed people that never lost its roots: know the Kimbanda, it will reach your soul.

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The Great Secret of Holy Death
What is the Holy Death?

What is Santa Muerte? La Santa Muerte is the practice of a religion originally from Mexico, in which the dead are worshiped, but which has spread to other parts of the world. We only lose our fear of what we fear, when it stops being unknown.

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The world of Eshú and Pomba Gira
The new edition you all expected

This book is an extension of the book I wrote "Eshú and Pomba Gira - Beyond Good and Evil", published in 2004; this will solve all your doubts since you wanted to know more.

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Ancient Egyptian Gods
Eternal Protectors

This book is a guide of all the Egyptian gods, with a brief description of each. I indicate on a magical level how you can work with them the different issues that concern you as love, protection, health, money, etc. in the easiest way, since you can ask each god for something specific. I also teach you to perform amulets and rituals with them for yourself.

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My Granny’s Potions

This book is made with love and gives a brief and simple description of what magic is for. It aims to break the topics so that magic can be within everybody’s reach. I will briefly explain how the concept of magic has evolved over the centuries and over the years. How magic was done in ancient times and how we can make use of it today.



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